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Circular Technology


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We give conversion of waste tires back into secondary raw materials.


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We manage investments from top to bottom. Our investors own the solution. We procure it.


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It is a small planet but a huge world. We act by focusing on circular economy solutions.



B2W secondary raw materials

Welcome to B2W Recycling. “Waste to Value” is the principle in our business and in short, it is about the transformation of, among other things, rubber waste from, for example, old car tires, rubber hoses and conveyor belts into new and valuable materials.

We market these for recycling in a circular production cycle. We do this through our technology, which is based on Thermolysis. This type of extraction is unique and solves significant challenges in the growth- and the consumption-oriented world we live in.

we are here for our future

Our planet is our home. We live together and use our resources together. Therefore, we are committed to treating these resources with care and foresight.

It’s not good enough just to sweep our problems under the rug. Today, large parts of our used car tires are dug down and covered with soil. Plastic waste is dissolved into the sea.

Thereafter it disintegrates into microplastics, which then find their way back to us, through the food chain. This is a disaster for all of us.

In the countries where they are giving up on the burial of waste (Entrepreneurship costs money), condensation in the waste products (tires and plastics) and the consequent presence of water, among other things, leads to mosquito plaques. Dangerous diseases spread, and weigh inappropriately on already burdened sections of society – often the weakest.

We at B2W Recycling have a goal of doing away with waste storage, and we are dealing with the transformation from waste to useful products, which in turn is used in circular production. In doing so, we also create unprecedented opportunities to strengthen the economy and industrial development. This includes third world countries. 

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"We must remember our duty to Nature before it is too late."

Margaret Thatcher, 1990 - Geneva, 2nd World Climate Conference